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    100% Cotton Jersey Knit


  1. What is the difference between Jerzzi Dri and a regular towel? 

    Jerzzi Dri T-Shirt Hair Towel, is 100% Cotton Jersey Knit. The 100% Cotton Jersey Knit material, prevents the hair shaft from becoming dented and making way for damaged ends. This helps with unnecessary breakage and over drying your hair.

  2. Can I wear Jerzzi Dri overnight? 

    Yes, Jerzzi Dri T-Shirt Hair Towel, may be worn overnight. It can help maintain your curls and/or style. The 100% Cotton Jersey Knit material is soft enough to be worn at night with out causing damage to your hair. If worn at night while the hair is still wet, it will help the hair retain moisture.

  3. How many different ways can you wear Jerzzi Dri? 

    The Jerzzi Dri T-shirt Hair Towel can be worn many different ways. On our product page Jerzzi Dri gives 3 different examples of styles to wear. The Jerzzi Dri Style, the back bun and the front bun. Jerzzi Dri is for YOU! If you have a fun new way to wear your Jerzzi Dri, please let us know in your testimonial.

  4. Can children wear Jerzzi Dri?

    Jerzzi Dri T-Shirt Hair Towel is for anyone looking to change the way they dry their tresses. Although Jerzzi Dri may be a bit large for a small child’s head, it may definitely be worn by a child. There will be a Jerzzi Dri T-Shirt Hair towel specifically for children coming soon.